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IRM: The Best Defense Against Industrial Espionage

Industrial espionage will never be eradicated, but information rights management (IRM) technology now exists to help mitigate internal and external threats.
Risk-based Authentication in Daily Life - RSA and Intralinks

Risk-based authentication considers factors such as where a user is logging in from, what type of transaction is performed, and is the device trusted.
Cloud Security and Privacy get Married in San Jose -- CSA Congress 2014 & IAPP Privacy Academy 2014

The IAPP and CSA joint conference recognized the importance and interdependence of cloud security and privacy. Here are a few highlights from the event.
CollaboristaBlog Roundup

our guide to interesting data sharing, cybersecurity, and privacy news. This week features information rights management and cybersecurity insights.

The Bash Bug exists in the Bash command shell, a widely used application, and could potentially allow an attacker to load malware on a system or steal data.
The Secure Way to Travel

Many people are collaborating and working remotely. No matter the location, security is ongoing. Here are tips to help keep information secure on-the-go.
The Demand for Security to Protect the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is being driven by mobile and cloud technologies, and the demand for social media and information – presenting new challenges for IT.
CollaboristaBlog Roundup

our guide to interesting data sharing, cybersecurity, and privacy news. This week features recent hack news, car security, collaboration insights, and more.
Multifactor Authentication Helps Keep Data Secure

All of us can take preventative measures today to reduce the risk of data loss tomorrow — multifactor authentication is one way to help keep data secure.
CollaboristaBlog Roundup

our guide to interesting data sharing, security, and privacy news. This week features recent hack news, data location tips, and content is the new perimeter.
High Tech Gala in Boston

Intralinks VIA was a finalist in the innovative technology-security category at the 2014 Mass Technology Leadership Awards Gala.
Home Depot Admits Hack, Faces Federal and State Scrutiny

Bloomberg said that the SEC was investigating many breaches. The Home Depot hack shows how official (and public) attitude about data security is hardening.

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