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The Data Sovereignty Dilemma of the Digital Workplace

If you are storing data in the cloud, be sure you can manage the storage location of the data to meet with data sovereignty requirements.
Controlling Content in the Digital Workplace 

The emergence of the digital workplace requires enterprises to think differently about content collaboration, protection and control.
Cloudy with a Chance of Regulation: Satisfying Audit and Compliance Concerns around Cloud Providers

What can organisations do to have unbreakable confidence in their ability to control access to information, while still keeping it secure and compliant?
Intralinks Secures the Formula Hybrid Track

Earlier this year, we announced that Formula Hybrid selected Intralinks VIA® for their secure collaboration needs.
secure marketing collaboration

In this new series, we’ll explore how marketers can use enterprise collaboration solutions to share data, improve processes, and keep information secure.
Corporate Boards Placed on Alert to Escalating Document Security Risks

The NACD held a meeting to discuss information security issues facing business leaders. Secure collaboration should be a priority for organizations.

A recent ESG survey found that mid-market and enterprise organisations in the United States and Europe rank infosecurity as the highest priority.
Four Essential Features of Customer Managed Keys to Encrypt Cloud Data

When considering a customer managed encryption keys solution, here are four essential capabilities you should consider.
6 Ways to Evaluate Integration Capabilities - Intralinks' CollaboristaBlog

After adopting Intralinks VIA for secure content collaboration, Fresh Insurance saw a 30-35% improvement in productivity.
Information Security Unquestionables

There are several questions that today’s enterprises should consider when evaluating a cloud service provider’s customer managed encryption keys solution.
Having a secure solution to manage and protect sensitive HR data is critical to reducing the risk associated with the exchange of confidential information.

Having a secure solution to manage and protect sensitive HR data is critical to reducing the risk associated with the exchange of confidential information.
Encryption key

If the security of your data rests on the back of one encryption key or access point, then control of that key or access point will control your data.
How U.S. Law Firms Should Securely Protect Client Confidential Content Obligations

Organizations and their law firms should work to securely protect and control sensitive information at every stage of the content lifecycle.
#ContentCollab Insights: Trends in Business Content Collaboration and Security

Gain insights about the future of secure sharing and content collaboration from guest Forrester Research senior analyst TJ Keitt after a #ContentCollab Q&A.
Practicing Law Securely — Be Aware

Bob Blacksberg shares scenarios for working with the Shared Repository, including how it should be coordinated with an internal Document Management System.
A Secure Way to Achieve Organizational Changes

Without a secure solution to facilitate the change process, organizations may put themselves at risk of information leakage during external collaboration.
Federal Ruling Means Overseas Data Is Vulnerable - Intralinks CollaboristaBlog

Intralinks' Richard Anstey meets with Risky Business for a podcast to talk about the security challenges and risks of ungoverned file sharing services.
Practicing Law Securely — Be Aware

Bob Blacksberg discusses the fundamental security features a secure shared location, a “Secure Repository", should have when sharing messages with links.
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