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The Importance of Location, Location and Location for Businesses Today - Jason Cronk - Intralinks

As a Gartner report states, by 2020, legal, political and logical locations will replace physical location as factors in determining where data resides.
The Content Compliance Two-Step

With the growing danger of threats, risks can be hard to manage. IT teams must be prepared to address regulatory compliance requirements.
Keys to a Secure Mobile Enterprise 

An enterprise-class mobile solution will have many key security features to reduce the risk of sensitive data becoming exposed, or stolen from a device.
Making IT Management Walk the Security Talk

A recent study by Harris Research suggests that companies must educate business leaders about the risks of freemium file sync and share services.
Edward Snowden - Shutterstock

Edward Snowden shared his views on the security shortcomings of consumer file sync and share and the cloud during an interview with The Guardian.
Online Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of your Data - Data Privacy

The laws protecting online privacy are outdated and need to be revisited, say citizen and consumer rights advocates — a longstanding point on data privacy.

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