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compliant marketers

Take some time to develop the habits of compliant marketing. Know the rules and regulations for every industry, channel, and audience you work within.

There are new habits and tools that make it easy for marketers to be efficient and compliant without sacrificing speed or creativity.

Deema Freij will oversee global data governance within Intralinks and be responsible for strengthening the company’s worldwide focus on data privacy.
Practicing Law Securely — Be Aware

Information Rights Management (IRM) is a capability that provides end-to-end control of a document — without impeding on collaboration and productivity.
secure marketing collaboration

In today’s global operations, digital marketing teams are constantly creating and collaborating on large media files. Here's how teams can share securely.

The concept of data sovereignty continues to evolve as do the laws, regulations and best practices for security and compliance.
Cloud Security and Privacy get Married in San Jose -- CSA Congress 2014 & IAPP Privacy Academy 2014

What can organizations learn from instances like the notorious Snowden case and, more importantly, how can companies protect their data against risks?

Intralinks' CTO EMEA, Richard Anstey, shares the state of corporate information security and best practices for data protection on Information Security Buzz.
Getting Started with a Customer Managed Encryption Keys Solution

Here are four essential capabilities your customer managed encryption keys solution should have along with a general setup process for getting started.
europe data regulation

Organizations that do business involving European data may need to consider a compliance strategy around data protection regulations.
Keeping Confidential Personnel Records Secure

Secure document sharing in business is critical: If files containing confidential data were to leak, it would be dire for both the employee and its company.
Controlling Content in the Digital Workplace 

The emergence of the digital workplace requires enterprises to think differently about content collaboration, protection and control.
Cloudy with a Chance of Regulation: Satisfying Audit and Compliance Concerns around Cloud Providers

What can organisations do to have unbreakable confidence in their ability to control access to information, while still keeping it secure and compliant?
Intralinks Secures the Formula Hybrid Track

Earlier this year, we announced that Formula Hybrid selected Intralinks VIA® for their secure collaboration needs.
secure marketing collaboration

In this new series, we’ll explore how marketers can use enterprise collaboration solutions to share data, improve processes, and keep information secure.
Corporate Boards Placed on Alert to Escalating Document Security Risks

The NACD held a meeting to discuss information security issues facing business leaders. Secure collaboration should be a priority for organizations.

A recent ESG survey found that mid-market and enterprise organisations in the United States and Europe rank infosecurity as the highest priority.
Four Essential Features of Customer Managed Keys to Encrypt Cloud Data

When considering a customer managed encryption keys solution, here are four essential capabilities you should consider.
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