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U.S. Federal Trade Commission Gets Power to Sue Companies for Lax Information Security

U.S. companies that fail to adequately protect their customers’ information due to lax information security can be sued by federal consumer-protection enforcers, based on a new ruling.
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Intralinks is pleased to be called a leader by the data security analyst firm KuppingerCole in its 2015, Leadership Compass for Secure Information Sharing.
Secure Collaboration Research and Development

With proper security measures, research and development (R&D) departments can rest assured they are protecting their IP through secure collaboration.
Striking the Balance Between Information Security and Usability

With growing business concerns around data security, privacy and compliance, here's how organizations can strike the balance between security and usability.
phase 4 clinical trials - the clinical trials guru intralinks

Here's how to make phase 4 clinical trials (either survey quality of life trials or standard-of-care trials). more lucrative for clinical research sites.
Dropbox, Box vulnerable to Man-In-The-Cloud Attack

At last week’s annual Black Hat conference, the security firm Imperva said they’d found a 'side door' vulnerability in several file sync and share apps.
secure technology for clinical trials

What type of technologies are used in the clinical research industry? Here are a list of secure solutions that are HIPAA or FDA CFR Part 11 compliant.
data in clouds

Here are five data security tips to consider to help your information security and IT teams count sheep and sleep easy with your company data in the cloud.
From Paper to Digital: How to Keep Data Secure

Lawyers love paper — where would they be without the legal pad? But times are changing and the move from paper to digital is happening in every industry.
prepare for compliance exam

Regulatory exams are becoming more complex while preparation time is shrinking. So what's the best way to prepare thoroughly? Here are six practical tips.
Did My Computer Security Predictions for 2015 Come True? Find Out Now...

Companies are suffering data breaches and zero-day vulnerabilities are being found. One important decision to make is how your business should share data.
2015 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing Intralinks

Gartner released its 2015 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing report. Intralinks is pleased to be included for the second year.
eisf eTMF

How Intralinks' information rights management technology helps sites keep complete control over documents during collaboration in clinical trials. Read the full piece on WorldPharma.
Risk Based Monitoring Versus Remote Monitoring

Risk-based monitoring and remote monitoring. Many believe that the two words are synonymous and interchangeable. They are not. Here's the difference.
$218,000 Fine for HIPAA Violation Underscores Risks of Consumer-grade File Sharing Apps

Organizations in the healthcare industry should be wary about storing health information on freemium file sharing services due to HIPAA compliance issues.
Secure Document Sharing Accelerating the Sales Cycle

With the help of a secure content collaboration solution, all document sharing processes related to the sales cycle can be streamlined and accelerated.
ISO 27001 Requirement for Providers: What You Need To Know

Here’s everything you need to know about what ISO 27001 security certification means to your organization and where its data is stored.
Is the Clinical Research Business Becoming More Challenging?

As the area of clinical research has evolved, some professionals have begun to express concern that the clinical research process has grown too complex.
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