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Big Bad Data Hacks of 2014: Lessons Learned

Data breaches are too common. Information security professionals need to consider strong data security and secure collaboration solutions to reduce risk.
How Lawyers Without Borders Shares Sensitive Legal Information Securely

Lawyers Without Borders has chosen Intralinks VIA® to securely share sensitive legal documents among its international team of pro bono lawyers.
How Legal Teams Can Gain Greater Information Security, Control, and Governance

Legal departments can use technology to increase efficiency and maintain strong information security, control, and governance within their enterprise.
Practicing Law Securely — Be Aware

People are not nearly as careful as they should be when accessing, sharing, recording, transmitting, and receiving confidential information and documents.
CollaboristaBlog Roundup

Welcome to your weekly guide on collaboration, information security, and data privacy news. This week features recent hacks and data security tips.
General Counsel Information Conundrum: Responsibilities of the Extended Enterprise

The role of the General Counsel has evolved considerably to include important risk management and business decision-making responsibilities.
Sony Reeling from massive mysterious hack

More than a week after it was hit in a major cyber-attack, Sony Pictures Entertainment was still working to restore its systems and...
Maintaining Compliance in a Demanding Work Environment

The use of ungoverned consumer-grade cloud file sharing apps risks violation of information security policies, data loss, and non-compliance.
Social Media Dangerous to Enterprises

Business professionals, even at the executive level, have misused social media. Social media can be dangerous for enterprises if not used properly.
A Silo-breaking Solution for Secure Collaboration in a Disaggregated Industry

There are secure collaboration solutions that can automate drug development processes and help achieve ROI — while protecting intellectual property.
CollaboristaBlog Roundup

Welcome to your guide on collaboration and information security news. This week features file sharing tips, law firm security, and brokerage cybersecurity.
Who Decides What File Sharing Apps Enter Your Network?

According to recent research, it appears that in many companies, the IT department is losing control over what cloud and file sharing apps are deployed.

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