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Practicing Law Securely — Be Aware

Bob Blacksberg shares scenarios for working with the Shared Repository, including how it should be coordinated with an internal Document Management System.
A Secure Way to Achieve Organizational Changes

Without a secure solution to facilitate the change process, organizations may put themselves at risk of information leakage during external collaboration.
Federal Ruling Means Overseas Data Is Vulnerable - Intralinks CollaboristaBlog

Intralinks' Richard Anstey meets with Risky Business for a podcast to talk about the security challenges and risks of ungoverned file sharing services.
Practicing Law Securely — Be Aware

Bob Blacksberg discusses the fundamental security features a secure shared location, a “Secure Repository", should have when sharing messages with links.
eisf eTMF

Here are the top five ways an eTMF and eISF integration can increase overall efficiency between sponsors and sites.
6 Ways to Evaluate Application Security Capabilities - www.collaboristablog.com

While companies spend significant resources to keep their information secure, those efforts can be undone if employees don’t follow proper security rules.
Predicting Future Security Threats is a Risky Business

Independent data security expert Graham Cluley reviews computer security stories of 2014 and makes his predictions about threats coming in 2015.

Secure and fast electronic file sharing and collaboration is critical for enterprises wanting to get work done in today’s business environment.
How Reynolds Porter Chamberlain Collaborates Securely on Enterprise Content  

Recently, Intralinks announced that Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (RPC) has chosen Intralinks to support all of its enterprise collaboration needs.
Why Hackers Are Getting into the Espionage-as-a-Service Business

Espionage is typically connected with organizations backed by the governments of nation states. However, more private hacker groups are entering the scene.
Oscar-Winner “The Imitation Game” Underscores Permanent Relevance of E-security

No doubt you’ve heard about the Oscar winning movie, “The Imitation Game.” What you may not know is that it focuses on current technology: encryption.
Information Security: What Does it Really Mean for Cloud Service Providers?

A common theme across the way work is rapidly transforming is the enterprise requirement to securely share information and collaborate beyond boundaries.
CollaboristaBlog Roundup

Welcome to your guide on the latest collaboration, data security and data privacy insights. This week focuses on information security and data privacy news.
Practicing Law Securely — Be Aware

How should lawyers be securely storing, transmitting, and sharing information? Here are some law information security best practices from Bob Blacksberg.
Intralinks VIA: Securely Sync, Share, Collaborate, and Manage Business Content

Collaboration on content is critical for enterprises. With the latest update to Intralinks® VIA™, Intralinks expands its information rights capability.
Data Privacy

2015 may be the year of data privacy. While the preceding decade has been a slow crescendo of data privacy issues, we are entering a possible overture.
What Snapchat and Strings Teach Us About the Future of Data Privacy and Security

As we share information, we’re becoming more sensitive to keeping that information secure. What's the future of data privacy?
Data Privacy Day: http://www.staysafeonline.org/data-privacy-day/get-involved/promote-dpd

Today marks Data Privacy Day, an international event designed to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices.
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