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The Riskiest File Sharing Technologies

Employees need file sharing tools that enable productivity and facilitate communication. However, when ungoverned, these same applications risk data loss.
4 Steps to Take for Brokerage Cybersecurity  

A comprehensive approach to data security for regulated industries involves more than just technology. It should include these key cybersecurity pillars.
Are You in Denial About DDoS Attacks?

Don’t think your organization is vulnerable to DDoS attacks? This report may make you think again. What can you do to reduce your risk of being compromised?
CollaboristaBlog Roundup

Welcome to your guide on the most interesting collaboration, information security, and data privacy news. This week features business file sharing tips.
Lyft Claims Exec Lifted its Docs, Parked Them in Dropbox, and Drove Off?

The courtroom fight between Uber and its rival Lyft is a potential cautionary tale about mixing personal cloud applications with enterprise class solutions.
9 Steps to Stop Risky File Sharing

Ungoverned file sharing presents significant data security risks. Here are nine steps you should consider to enable a secure, collaborative environment.
A Vote for Intralinks — A Vote for Secure Data

Voting is open for the 2015 SC Magazine Awards. This year, Intralinks is nominated for “Best Cloud Computing Security Solution.” Please show your support!
CollaboristaBlog Roundup

Welcome to your weekly guide on interesting data sharing and security updates. This week features new file sharing research from Ponemon Institute and Ovum.
Improperly Secured Data is a Serious Threat to CIOs and CTOs

This retention of data is causing problems for CIOs and CTOs. Ovum’s “Content is the New Perimeter” report shares the consequences of inadequate security.
Treasury’s New Bank Security Rules May Have Huge Cloud Impact

The U.S. Treasury Department has been considering implementing new bank security rules that would strengthen data security at banks and brokerage firms.
How Hackers can Smuggle Out Your Company's Data, via Video

Ask yourself this: Is your company's sensitive data being stolen? Organisations concerned about data loss, deploy security software to protect information.
Intralinks and Ponemon Institute - Breaking Bad The Risk of Unsecure File Sharing Infographic

Ponemon Institute and Intralinks unveiled research into the security threats of unsecure file sharing by employees and how organizations are reacting.

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