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The Health Data Balancing Act

Despite the need to remain HIPAA-compliant, data breaches are common in the healthcare industry. Fortunately, there are security actions that can be taken.
CollaboristaBlog Roundup

Welcome to your guide on the latest collaboration and data security news. This week features cybersecurity, mobile security, and data protection tips.
Cybersecurity, regulatory, data breach image

The regulatory issues financial services companies face may increase in 2015. The rules require that sensitive data be shared with examiners and agencies.
General Counsel Information Conundrum: Responsibilities of the Extended Enterprise

The need for secure, compliant, and efficient information control has driven the adoption of file sharing and enterprise SaaS collaboration solutions.

Box Inc. has announced that it is again moving to an initial public offering. But what does this tell us about the file sync and share market?
A Silo-breaking Solution for Secure Collaboration in a Disaggregated Industry

An electronic investigator site file (eISF) technology platform helps life sciences organizations efficiently operate in a disaggregated industry.
Cybersecurity Predictions

Given the high frequency of hacks in 2014, we can expect worse cyber-attacks in 2015. Here are my own cybersecurity predictions for 2015.
New Year, New Data Breach Woes: Three Trends to Watch in 2015 - Intralinks

The New Year is here — and that means this a good time to take stock of how your organization handles its information security and processes.
Mobile Security: How to Protect Information Shared On-the-go - Intralinks

Regardless if you support BYOD or company-issued devices, there are mobile security steps you can follow to better protect your mobile enterprise today.
CollaboristaBlog Roundup: The Best of 2014 - Intralinks

From vulnerabilities to hacking methods and data leaks, to stronger techniques for information security and data privacy, 2014 was a year to remember.
Better Safe than Sony’d: 4 Pillars for Secure Collaboration - Intralinks

Organizations need a governance framework that covers people, process, and technology. This is called the “Four Pillars” of secure enterprise collaboration.
Secure Data: Security Lessons Big Data Breaches Can Teach us

Everyone should care about data security. This Q&A covers what IT departments can learn from recent major cyber breaches to better secure their data.

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